Coffee and Sex

In the 1960s, teenagers in parts of England started frequenting expresso bars, especially the sophisticated coffee bars that had jukeboxes loaded up with the rebellious music of that time (like Elvis!). John Albon, now an Assistant Cheif Constable, spent his adolescence in Brighton where the adults 'were concerned that we were going to coffee bars instead of doing homework and that these bars were corrupting the youth of Brighton.' These havens made it possible to sit all evening, conversing with other teenagers, for the price of a transparent cup of frothy liquid. Expected Sunday press condemnation of such house of ill-refute, where boys smoked and girls were deflowered, may have been justiflied in certain provincial cases where neighbouring gardens were receptacles for cigarette butts and used rubber 'johnnies'." -- excerpted from Alan Clayson's "Beat Merchants"


Gourmet Coffee: What does it mean?

You may have noticed that many coffee shops and supermarkets are carrying coffee products lauded as "Gourmet." What, exactly, does the label "Gourmet" mean in the coffee world? The answer is somewhat complicated. A Gourmet coffee is classified by several sets of criteria including:
· Quality of the Bean
· Cultivating, Picking, Processing
· Roasting
· Blending
· Freshness

Just as wine deemed "fine" varies from year to year, country to country and region to region, so it is with identifying gourmet coffee.


Coffee Candies

Chocolate covered coffee beans

Sometimes referred to as "chocolate-covered espresso beans," this latter name is somewhat of a misnomer, as there is no specific item called "espresso beans" . Creating individually covered beans is not terribly easy in the home kitchen; special machinery is used in commercial settings. As a result, you have several options:

1) Coffee bean "bark"

1. Place darkly roast coffee beans (dark beans offer better contrast to the coffee) on a waxpaper-covered baking sheet; spread them out as evenly as possibly. In the case of whole beans, it is best if they do not touch (remove some if necessary). Whole beans can be used, as well as crushed (with a rolling pin, mortar and pestle, etc.), or ground.


Drinking Coffee Reduces Risk of Gout

It was reported in Arthritis & Rheumatism (June 2007) that there is a strong link between drinking coffee and a reduced risk of gout in men over 40. It is thought that coffee consumption may lower uric acid levels in the blood, the leading cause of gout.
The results of the 12-year study are based on 45,869 male participants, aged 40-76 in 1986. These participants were primarily white (91%) and in medical fields: dentists, optometrists, osteopaths, pharmacists, podiatrists, and veterinarians. These men had no history of gout at the start of the study. Validated questionnaires were used to measure the intake of coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, and total caffeine every 4 years for 12 years for each of the subjects.


The "Think" Drink

What Coffee Can Do :

* Improves mental performance
* Boosts physical energy.
* Elevates and improves mood.

How It Works

* Researchers at MIT found that "caffeine isa mind-accelerating mood booster."
* It increases mental performance.
* Caffeine stimulates reaction time, attention span,concentration and acuity with numbers. As littleas 32 mg of caffeine as much as in a single servingof cola or a 5-ounce cup of tea can give you a realmental and energy boost.
* Caffeine moves to your brain fast, with 20 to 30 minutes and lasts up to 6 hours.